Ted Couling Vancouver Caricatures

This package is about the first 2 items on the Homepage:
1) A Fun/Engaging Activity that turns into 2) A Tangible Takeaway/Memento.
If you’re having a Celebration and you’re not a Corporate Brand then this is the package for you.
It comes in 2 FORMATS:

Buzztoons Vancouver BC

…are best if you have a large group at your event and want to move a lot of people through quickly and are great for fans of CLASSIC THEME PARK STYLE Caricature: big head/little body/fun gag situation…or for groups that want a hand done original piece of artwork created right in front of their eyes, to take away and frame.

Ted Couling's Vancouver Caricatures

Time: Drawings take 1-3 minutes per person, 1 minute if only profiles. (We even have an option on the Corporate page that takes it to 45 seconds – 1 minute per person)

Size: We make it easy, 11×14” Standard frame size. We turn it to landscape format for couples and groupings. Although there is no digital copy, we encourage our guests to photograph their drawings and post them using our EasyPostEasel. (Guests were doing this already anyway).

Setup: We only require 2 chairs for guests and access to a regular power outlet for our lights in a 5’ square area. If outdoor we require a tent/sheltered area. We bring paper, pens, elastics for rolling drawings, artist’s easel and chair. A “Free Caricatures” sign is provided atop the easel and a sample caricature drawing is set up on another easel.

Drawing: Guest is given the spotlight, asked their hobby, pass time, etc. to break the ice and personalize their drawing. Face caricature is drawn, then a comical body/theme to finish. We put in as many Levels of Personalization as we can, ie: nicknames, their funny quips, etc. … as we have found this gives us a very high framing rate. Always in good humour, it is like friendly kidding while celebrating the guests as a unique individual. It is all about them!


PREPRINT: Drawing paper can be preprinted with Names, Dates and Locations, a great way for the guests to remember your party!

This is the WOW factor…Jaw Dropping Full Colour Leading Edge Technology…and it is best for a High Tech and/or sophisticated crowd who expect the latest in entertainment. Most groups have never seen Digital Caricature or know how to do it and are fascinated by being let in on the creative process as drawings are created on a Wacom tablet and displayed on a High Definition Flatscreen Display. Since the drawings are digital files they are perfect for Social Media sharing and Tech Productions. Given a print at the event, guests can also download their file and post and print it as they please.
Vancouver caricaturist Ted Couling

Time: Drawings take as little as 5 minutes per person.

Output: Guest is given a 4×6” full colour glossy photo print onsite with directions on how to download their file. Client can also request digital copies of the drawings.

Setup: We only require 2 chairs for guests, access to a regular power outlet and a dressed 8’ table. Setup occupies a 10’ square. If outdoor we require a tent/sheltered area.

We’ve been doing weddings for years but lately it is the hot thing to do, with some couples even keeping the original drawings and making a caricature album and sending out copies as thank yous. Choose from Marker or Digital format. Make yours a FUN Wedding with great memories!