Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of questions frequently asked by people who have, or would like to book Ted. If your question is not covered here please contact Ted.

How soon do we have to book?

ASAP to reserve your date before someone else does. Always give us a call even on short notice. If it’s open and we can do it, we’ll do it. First we check availability, email a quote and temporarily flag the date for you. We email an invoice that serves as confirmation. A 50% deposit reserves the date and balance is due at the event. We can supply a contract outlining terms if requested.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cheques, etransfers and credit cards with the Square app. Credit cards require a processing fee.

What area do you serve and are there travel costs?

We are centered in Vancouver, BC and work all over British Columbia and into other provinces in Canada. We are happy to draw all over the planet. There are no travel costs in the Greater Vancouver area, within an hour of the city, and a quote will be supplied for areas beyond.

What are your setup needs?

For Indoor events we need 2 chairs for guests and access to a regular power outlet for our lights, if in a lowlight situation. For the digital setup we require an 8’ dressed table. For Outdoor events we require shade and cover, 2 chairs for guests. For the digital setup we require either electrical power or a generator. We bring extension cords. We provide a 32” display for digital but can hook up to flatscreens provided,
with hdmi…mounted in portrait mode to suit our drawing tablet. Ideally we are set up far enough away from music/speakers so we can converse with the guests.

How many pictures can you draw in an hour?

Depending on how many guests line-up, I can draw up to ?? caricatures in an hour with marker. I can draw ?? digital caricatures in an hour. But really, it often will depend on your guests personality and the number of people waiting to be drawn.

What kind of setup time do you need?

15 minutes for Markers, 45 minutes for Digital. We usually do a 30 minute call time.

Do you require Parking?

Yes, we require a reserved spot or can add that cost onto the total.

How fast can you draw, how many people in an hour?

You’ll find us under “Fast” in the Dictionary (kidding, but only slightly). We have developed a bold, sure, accurate style with a high gear for lineups that dazzles and allows us to create Marker profile caricatures in as little as 1 minute, preferred 3/4 views in 1-3 minutes and can get it down to :45-1 minute with preprints from our Buzz package. Digital full colour caricatures are drawn in as little as 5 minutes per face. Then it’s a matter of doing the math for your event time. Please allow for wiggling, getting up and sitting down. Keep in mind that it’s an entertainment that is as much fun to watch as it is to be drawn. With digital the flatscreen display lets the whole event watch. For larger groups we can also arrange other artists for you.

Do guests get a copy at the event?

Yes, for Markers, an 11×14” original and elastic to roll. Bags can be arranged. Some hosts collect originals, make a copy and hand out drawings later as thankyous. We recommend copying marker drawings and framing the copies, as our markers are “permanent” but copies last longer. For digital, guests get a 4×6” full colour print and can download the digital file from our website and print and share it however they like.

How do I choose Marker of Digital format?

Markers are for speed and for drawing fun themes and ideas FAST. Digital is for WOW Factor. While taking longer to add colour and jump through software, with leading edge tech it’s even more mesmerizing to watch as people are let in on the creative process stroke for stroke and watch it appear from nothing right before their eyes on the flatscreen display.

Are your drawings flattering?

Yes, we don’t bring the Wrinkle Pen, we have a Limit of 1 Chin Per Person and people say we take a minimum of 10 years off!

How long have you been doing this and do you teach?

I’ve done Live Caricature professionally for over 25 years and did create and teach a part time course in Caricature at the Vancouver Film School, although I don’t regularly teach.